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Saturday, 11 October 2008

5 [not so] easy pieces

From Sam,
five people who have influenced my spiritual path:

Graham Cray: He was the vicar of the church I first went to as a believer, and at various points since then, most significantly,. as I have mentioned before, at the New Wine leaders conference in 2005, he has popped up to inspire and encourage me again. Like me he is also half of a clergy couple which kind of makes us kin.

Henry Pearson: Now the vicar of Trent near Sherborne, he was Rector of Marlborough when I arrived there in 92; he was my mentor, friend, and his wife introduced me to the person I married. Most significantly though Henry showed me how to be evangelical and catholic in the same breath.

Duncan Dyason: The founder of Toybox, a man with a real heart for the street children of Latin America. It was a privilege to work alongside him in rather more suburban settings, but also to see God wake him up to the discomfort of comfortable english life; his obedience to the call changed many lives on both sides of the Atlantic. Driven, but gentle; convinced of the truth but willing to work with anyone who can help.

Sister Helen Julian: A former spiritual director of mine; not the only Franciscan, but the only martial arts expert I've ever spent time with. She was another person who re-inforced in me the strength in breadth of Anglican spirituality. A great listener, an a good writer too.

Ken Reynolds: Gave up his job working for Rolls Royce to sit on park benches with heroin addicts and tell them about the love of God in Christ. A truly inspirational man who's evangelical faith has never prevented him from doing what it takes to reach out to the unloved and unlovely. When I worked alongside him I really felt I was making a difference.

Just missed the cut but in no particular order: Alister McGrath, Christine Allsopp, Barry Lomax, St Francis, John Wyclif, Robert Grossteste, Gladys Aylward, Vera Sinton, my brothers Steve and Guy, and my wife. Google 'em yourself.

I tag Jody Steve and Clare G and Andy G


  1. hey tim, i shall post my 5 soon

    not sure how the tag is supposed to work tho' because i almost missed this post of yours!

    anyway, also just wanted to let you know that I know Duncan Dyason, he is a lovely guy - is a good friend of our youth worker and came and slept rough with us and our youth as we raised money for streetkids (his charity)

  2. Aha, six degrees of separation - I'm originally from Amersham, where DD lives.

    Er, Sam Norton started me with the tag thing. Have you seen his Elizaphanian blog?; didn't know/realise it was a tool, thought it was just a word, though I think that you can set blogger to tell you if someone puts your name or url on their blog

    Still v cross about AM/TF

  3. aaah, our youth worker, Ben Dale is from Amersham - looks like it's 3 degrees of separation :-)

    yes, well the funny thing is that world vision have also used Tutu in their publicity, and alpha have too, i doubt very much whether the conservatives will start kicking up a stink about that, but this is what happens when you begin this kind of mud slinging, where does it end?

  4. find mine here: http://radical-evangelical.blogspot.com/2008/10/pilgrims.html


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