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Friday, 28 November 2008

Come on Come on let's stick/work together

In a rare moment of leisure the other day I watched The Matrix Reloaded which is a strange but highly enjoyable mixture of kick-ass action and philosophy/theology.

A cracking line jumped out at me when I watched the scene of the council of war, where the sceptical (i.e. does not believe the prophecy about Neo (Keanu Reeves, on the left here) being "The One", a kind of Christ figure sent to save humanity) captain Jason Lock argues with the governing council about their strategy; he says he cannot comprehend why they are taking the course of action they have chosen (i.e. to put their faith in Neo), and the council replies in the mighty words

That is, you don't have to fully agree with, understand or be in control of a situation (think "the darkness comprehendeth it not" - means a lot more than "doesn't understand") in order to work together with others to fix it.

There are any number of ways this phrase could be applied to life today; the credit crunch, cross-party ecological strategy, ecumenism, even kicking racism out of football - I don't get Manchester United or Millwall but I support their efforts to get rid of racist chanting etc.

But of course I'm posting it because of the post-NEAC5 skirmishing between Anglican Mainstream and Fulcrum, and indeed between GAFCON and everybody else.

And, even though I'm a declared Fulcrumite, this has got to be a mutual thing. A way forward can only be found by looking at common ground, and setting aside differences, no matter how painful.
Update: "Comprehension is not a requisite for cooperation" might be a one sentence summary of the book of Job.


  1. Very neat - both the film and your thinking!


    I have been doing some reflecting this morning after hitting on your link to ugley vicar. Brian McClaren's phrase 'secret agent of the kingdom' is starting to take on an all too worldly connotation.

  2. hi tim

    i guess it's worth noting both that our forums are free for comment, and that graham has personally taken a *lot* of flack on the AM forums, some of which might be said to be flying close to the wind of personal attack. i don't actually think that fulcrum or graham personally has done that? all the links that i can find from ugley vicar are to posters who are free to comment?

    blessings, jody

  3. hi tim

    ooh forgot also to say that chris sugden's article in the CEN seemed to be a direct dig at graham, i'm not sure that the same could be said of graham's response. surely if something has been said in the public eye, then a 'right to reply' is a correct way to respond?

    but, on a different note, it was a good fulcrum leadership team meeting yesterday and i'm quite excited about our conference for next year, which is intended as very much a positive look at how we 'be' together. so look out for the information coming soon.... :-)

  4. Yeah, Jody, don't worry i'm not going over to the dark side of the force!
    Don't have a problem at all with the way Graham is behaving - graciously in the face of some nasty stuff. Some others sometimes seem to want to stand on his shoulders and put the boot in unhelpfully.


  5. ha ha, never thought that for a moment, just wanted to reiterate the 'comment is free' thing (as you said on fulcrum :-)

    would be good to visit you next time i'm in the cambridge area btw - i haven't forgotten the placement idea you mentioned :-)

  6. It'd be great to see you; click on the SOME COOL CHURCHES WHERE I WORK link, and that site'll give you directions & contact number (though you've got my mobile). Just let me know when you're coming and we'll try to get together.

    Am sulking as have to miss Christina Baxter tomorrow as we have a gift day; still, my wife is going so can get some feedback for the forum


  7. Sorry Tim - but know you're the creative type

    I've tagged you - hope it's not a hassle

    Love Rachel


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