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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Stebbing Sporting Calendar 09: 1

Stebbing Scramble today (actually that shot is from the archives,) the annual grass track motorcycle race. I was invited to go down and say a prayer and a blessing upon the event before practice started. It's hard to choose the right words, especially when praying for safety, as people do get hurt, so I concentrated on thanksgiving for fine weather and a prayer for fair play in the competitions.

In the event, virtually the first thing that happened was a crash during practice, and I wish I'd prayed for a light sprinkle of rain to keep the dust down; we got covered in it from head to toe watching jsut 4 races. It brings awhole new meaning to the term "messy Church!"

PS how do you know there were motorbikes in the Bible?

"David's Triumph was heard throughout Israel"!

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