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Monday, 25 January 2010

letter to Ross Williams

Facebook Inbox: "To :

Dear Ross,

I wondered if you knew that your companies (White Label Dating and Global Personals) are providing support to maritalaffair.co.uk which exists to encourage people to cheat on their partners? I really admire the work you have done in setting up some brilliant dating websites that bring people together and heard in the recent interview that ‘Your business is Love’. Maritalaffair.co.uk doesn’t seem to fit very well with your core business.

I am working to try and stop maritalaffair.co.uk being allowed to advertise publicly in the UK. I am part of a growing campaign to achieve this. We have contacted media groups, MPs and the local council where the advert is and plan to continue acting until we get these billboards removed.

I am writing to you as I believe your reputation is put at risk by being involved in this website.

We are asking you to commit publicly that White Label Dating and Global Personals will have nothing further to do with maritalaffair.co.uk. Can I ask you to clarify this by Wednesday 26th January 5pm. Please do this by posting a message on our Facebook page (‘Stop marital affair .co.uk advertising publicly in the UK’).

Thank you for your help – we hope you can help resolve this as quickly as possible. It seems so odd for you to be involved in such a horrible website."


  1. No doubt Ross is a busy guy, and giving him a day to reply may be pushing it !

  2. He has a terrible reputation anyway - he runs hundreds of porn sites!


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