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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Maundy Thursday Chrism Eucharist

This is a rare thing - I don't usually get to take photos at church! This was the assembly of readers deacons priests and bishops outside the Cathedral following the service, in which vows of ministry and service are renewed and oil for anointing is blessed (and distributed - one of my containers leaked so there is a trip to the dry cleaners scheduled for next week!)

The service was great as usual and I enjoyed a bit of networking before and after. Facebook friends will be tagged on Sunday

Happy Easter!
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  1. Sorry to hear you had an unwelcome messy experience, oil is not the easiest stuff to shift from clothes. At the Chrism service a couple of years ago, one of the office staff went forward for prayer and afterwards she had a perfect oily handprint on her new crushed velvet jacket!

    Great to see you today, hope you all have a joyous Easter.


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