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Monday, 8 September 2008

Back on the chain gang

It was a really busy Sunday yesterday. I lost 2lbs during the day, despite a roast lunch. I guess that's what leading and preaching at 3 services including the baptism of twins takes out of you. Between the showers we also made it to a charity event in a local garden. Phew! I'm on the wagon for the usual September detox after too many beers in the sunshine, but after yesterday I could really have done with a drink - didn't succumb though.

I guess things are settling down after the back to school/work rush. I've got our Alpha supper tonight. I am speaking not cooking, so I've got it easy as we have no idea how many are coming!

Fulcrum have been busy too, and have produced a really useful summary and response to Lambeth and Gafcon.
I like it mostly because it is short (like Mervyn Stockwood, I'm not high church, I'm not low church, I'm short church!), and doesn't contain too much jargon. It also seems to have given a little more space and respect to Gafcon than I previously noticed on the forum there (maybe that's because I spent too much time reading Pluralist's stuff).
I am most taken though at the turn of events with Bishop Pete Broadbent, usually quite a good friend of Fulcrum, turning on them and challenging their ecclesiology.

On the old CLP thing, yesterday at Lindsell we started the parish project and finished the personal project. I used some Appreciative Enquiry questions to begin to get people thinking about the church's core values. We've got to formulate a vision by the middle of November, which could be a bit of a tight squeeze but you'll soon see!


  1. I see that you are following me around. Fine. I think Fulcrum is far too optimistic about GAFCON. One can understand why they want to be so - genuinely wanting reconciliation plus self interest - but I rather think the horse has bolted and isn't going to return to stable.

  2. Adrian,
    does that mean you agree with Ephraim Radner about orderly separation?
    To be honest, the whole saga has taken up far too much time and energy, especially as I don't expect it'll make the slightest difference to the people in the pews.
    Liked your Anglican collider! I read both your stuff and the Ugley Vicar, to keep myself well balanced


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