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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Adventure Island Ahoy

Cracking day yesterday for my son's birthday, at Adventure Island in Southend.

we rocked up at 10.30 for an 11am opening expecting a queue and there was eventually one but we were at the front.

Lots of rides including the most ridiculously scary and therefore entirely addictive roller coaster called the rage. See http://http://www.adventureisland.co.uk/rides/rage.html for details, but let me say it was the scariest ride ever experienced by this author! Straight vertical takeoff followed by same distance in a drop that was (dunno proper geometric term) beyond 90- degrees so you go back under yourself and are convinced you will fall out!

Southend was looking a bit dog-eared, in spite of our enjoyment. The pier and the Adventure Island complex have obviously had some investment (2 new rides, new tower lift access for pier) but when the pier won the 2007 pier of the year the judges obviously weren't shown the eastern facade from within the adventure island park, which featured seriously worn out paintwork and rust on a grand scale.

For a Friday in August it was pretty empty too -I couldn't believe we got a parking space in the street right across from the entrance to the park, and in the evening there weren't even very many young people out and about. Not great news for the region's economy I fear.

Not great news for the Times either with 18 bishops leaping to the defence of Rowan's right to change his mind and/or have evolving theological opinions. This is good news for us though as it shows that the Church is capable of accepting a leader changing - or indeed anyone changing, and unless some people do change their minds, the debates about gays and women are just going to get nastier.


  1. Tim, there is hope that a proposal for the casino to develop further with a hotel that would help the regions economy and bring much needed jobs and investment. I'm all for it but too many christians jump on the band wagon about gambling and spoil such an opportunity. Am I any less a christian because I like to gamble a little and support independent business in investing to develop and make money? That is something I would like to hear about from a Vicar.

  2. Well Steve, when you put it like that ...

    Something needs to be done - there was a big building site behind the pier - looked something like the development you mentioned.

    I don't gamble (but then there's the stock market, so ...) but you are right to point out the injection of cash and employment such a development would bring to Southend - Presumably most of the customers would be visitors too, so other elements like pubs and restaurants would benefit as well. My only caveat would be the necessity of ensuring adequate measures are in place to handle gambling addiction which can be such a devastation for families. May be the churches in Southend could provide something like that.

  3. Tim, nice to read to your reply. As a member of the Westcliff casino I can tell you that inside the casino there are adverts informing people that if they have a problem with gambling they can call someone and talk it through. So the casino itself is aware about the danger. Every time I visit and play, I see people having a really enjoyable evening and always end up chatting to strangers around the table that is interesting and fun. Occasionally there may be some trouble but that happens everywhere and more so in the general pub/nightclub scene. The casino is much safer and much more fun! If you ever want to experience it yourself, I would gladly take you and show you the ropes. It may enhance your preaching on the subject? Anyway, Southend needs the investment that only the casino money people can bring in. For me, I will stick to Orlando for my theme park rides! Gotta love Disney!


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