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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Do you really want to hurt me?


cat - pigeons, pigeons - cat, as Tommy Cooper might have said.

lots of kerfuffle on the Ugley Vicar Blog after I tipped off Fulcrum about John's recent post about NEAC. Had to eat humble pie and edit a post on Fulcrum. Fair play I guess - should watch my mouth (or my cursor)

Still, no point in writing stuff if you don't stand by it. Better try to get to NEAC on 15 Nov now. I'm sure that most times people get upset by posts, those posts were written in anger. No one intends to hurt, do they?

Went to a good meeting today to begin our deanery tourist trail project - something good can come from Deanery Synod! (no I do really like Synod actually, no sarcasm). Was good to actually be planning something together for the benefit of 24 or more churches, and for the extension of God's kingdom in this corner of West Essex.

What do you call a herd of cows in the fog?

Udderly lost!

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