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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

retrospective clergy leadership programme journal II

Just been to see someone who could be my new spiritual director. It was an excellent time with a lovely person who can probably be very good for me as a spiritual mentor, as well as being able to take in my inevitable splurges of unloading( a bit like a blog then, really).

Of course I have to get a spiritual director as part of CLP, so in a way although this person (no you are not going to find out who it is) is great, I am finding myself thinking "am I just ticking the box?"

So much of what I intended after clp in May still remains undone, at the bottom of a deep filled cheesy crust in tray.
I hate paperwork and my heart sinks just thinking about how far behind I am. Doing this doesn't actually advance me in that direction but it does help to clear the mind!

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