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Friday, 30 January 2009

Hills of the North rejoice

I'd simply like to draw your attention to this post which some others pointed me to namely Sam and Peter, for which please both accept a big H/T.

I think this could be a really helpful grouping, if only because it promotes mutual respect and a seeking after understanding. I have pretty much had it with Forum mudslinging and NEAC style "consultations". It's all enough to make me drop off the edge of the Charismatic Evangelical world into what we used to call at college "Plot losers of the world unite!"

Funny how both my Clergy Leadership Programme and my wife's Arrow course spend a goodly amount of time focussing on your personal spiritual life, but neither of them, (remembering that Arrow at least is from a definitely evo stable, and a balanced proportion of the staff and materials for CLP ditto) suggest that leaders might grow by engaging in mindless and vitriolic waffling, in conferences or on line.
makes you think, doesn't it?

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  1. definitely i could join anything that is about losing the plot! constant question that i ask one of my best friends - she's always very reassuring, but then she reckon's she's losing it too!


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