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Monday, 2 February 2009

Children playing, having fun, and adults going to church!

Like most in the Essex 'sphere I'm snowed in - literally though, not sure you'd get out of the village without 4WD.

Strange isn't it, how kids can't wait to get out there, then do nothing but whine about how cold they are, even after you've risked excommunication in getting them to wear the right amount of clothing.

So snow goes from fun to not fun very fast, usually at the point when we are the at furthest possible point from home.

This is Stebbing St Mary the Virgin, across the road from our house. (posted direct from Picasa)Someone waled around it during the night, judging by the prints in the snow this morning.
H/T Peter Kirk for this from Andy Griffiths - churchgoing no longer in decline, yeehaa!
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  1. haha, that is so right - but i reckon it's just because a. we're not used to it in the woosy south, and b. we don't have the right kind of clothes even when we wrap up

    i definitely remember playing forever in the snow as a kid in aberdeen


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