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Saturday, 7 February 2009

I've got all the right money and all that please thank you

Just got home from the annual "Marriage Preparation Day", held in the benefice every year to enable us to provide the (canonically necessary) teaching and encouragement and resources for those who are to be married in our churches this year (first one is next Friday and yes I have seen the date so yes I will be preaching about superstition).
It was most encouraging - as usual all the couples rock up not sure they want or need this kind of thing, probably expecting me to tell them about sex (one lot have been living together for 17 years), and all leave most thankful for the opportunity to have talked with their partner and others about stuff like arguing, expectations of marriage, initmacy needs, with the good old "Mr and Mrs" game as a warm up. The day took place in the Friends' Meeting House that gave its name to this blog.

When I got in I checked the email and found this, which I will admit to sniggering at but which I do not think is "serving the planet". The reinforcement of gender stereotyping (and this from a dutch firm) kind of shot me down, having spent the day rejoicing with those about to wed (and those who have been married a while who came along as home team) in the joyful unity of egalitarian marriage (ain't nobody in my churches gonna say "obey" in their vows).

I always liked Amstel better anyway. Maybe my sense of humour is lacking that continental something ...

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