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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Ready to let go of the steering wheel

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Especially after 1100 miles of driving! We went to Scotland on Easter Day and returned last Sunday - a typical vicar's week off after the festival.
Above is a shot of Fingal's cave, on the Island of Staffa. We went there on a boat trip which also took in seals and puffins. We landed on Staffa and were able to walk into the cave, and hear the weird sound of the waves.
The weather was truly great - sunshine every day, so we were able to go on several long walks, crabbing trips and the like, as well as visiting the local farm to see newborn lambs (aaaah! etc).
It always takes me about 3 days of a holiday to switch off from work, but Easter, though busy, was all good - a total of 222 people in church over three services on Sunday which is over 10% of the population of the benefice (fair play to the statisticians, some were family visiting for Easter). Generally the events of Holy Week had gone down well and had not detracted from the appeal of coming on Sunday too, as I have observed in other parishes in the past. I'm an empty tomb preacher on Easter Sunday because I am a crucifixion preacher on Good Friday. Can't understand why people get hot under the collar about which is most important; you need both!

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