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Thursday, 2 April 2009

You've set this captive free

Well I never watch Eastenders so was mightily surprised to spot, when I turned on the TV just now (to read on the red button about a trillion dollars), Vila from Blake's Seven playing the vicar at a wedding.

I thought that would be the most bizarre thing I saw today but then I saw this from the Ugley Vicar which just takes the biscuit. (s'pose I should h/t Rachel but she may not thank me for it!)

I always thought that chorus "I give you all the honour", when it got to "And I worship you, I give my life to you .. " sounded like the middle bit from the theme from Blake's 7.

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  1. Yes Tim all I can say about John is


    And then relax! God will see me through. And he did because I broke off from reading John's blog to attend the most spirit-filled church meeting - God is good and my equilibrium is better! Phew!


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