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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Pie Jesu

This is me and my missus (making her FMH debut) getting pied last Sunday at the Under The Sea Celebration. It was (other than the pie-ing) a brilliant event; nearly150 people, many of whom had never been in the church. A gentle gospel challenge was given, and the kids who came to the Holiday club could share the experience with their parents. We sang the songs they sang, played the games they played and heard the stories they heard. I loved it.

The service was followed by a Barbecue in the sunshine, which deteriorated into a water fight. I had to keep dry-ish as I had a 6pm Evensong (as someone said, from the sublime to the ridiculous!)

In the end, it was a 10 hour non-stop day, as between the two services we essentially stripped all the Pulse scenery from the church and loaded the truck. I was definitely ready for a cold one by 9pm, only to discover I'd given my last Stella to Pete from Pulse!


  1. Thanks Tim - proves that working for theChurch is great fun - made me laugh.

  2. Hi Tim
    I really like your blog. You clearly know a lot more about blogging than I do. I see you were ordained in 1998, so obviously you weren't vicar when my parents were in Allington. A reader? I love your choice of music. God bless you both in Stebbing.


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