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Sunday, 22 March 2009

and the eagle flies with the dove

OK so I think I get this.
Gentle Wisdom has tagged me to pass on "link love" by linking to the blogs of the people who have commented on Friends' Meeting House. I guess to make it work I actually have to link to a specific post so here goes

Radical Evangelical
Revise Reform
Peter Ould
David Keen
Pluralist speaks
Phil's Treehouse
Jane Stranz

So now the idea is that these lovely people do the same thing...
Like Peter at Gentle Wisdom I should perhaps say that I do not endorse all of the content of these blogs but am blessed because the bloggers chose to tarry awhile here.
Would have posted photos of Little Saling churchyard but the battery ran flat on my camera. Will try to get some some in the sunshine tomorrow after prayers


  1. agh, not sure i'll be able to do this, thanks for the link tho :-)

    did u manage to access my blog in the end after ur trouble yesterday?

  2. have had hideous time with pc messing me about and server offline or something but all fixed now
    don't stress about the link thing


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