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Sunday, 29 March 2009

... 'til all the world adore his sacred name

Well, that was quite a weekend. Yesterday the PCC and the Ministry Leadership team went away for the day to Shalford Chapel to consolidate our thinking and reflection about Our Vision. The day was facilitated by Revd Dr Tim Bull, who had been sent reams of stuff from our homegroups and prayer night, with which to shape our studies and discussions. We made some good progress and I will let you know.

Then today (passion Sunday)I unusually had 3 services to do. There was a time in my younger years that I could laugh at taking 4 or 5 services on one Sunday. Now three is a challege. I need to get fit! Anyway, I preached about the cross and atonement theories, a sermon that arose from several events this week;
1) re-reading the Shack
2) A 6 year old boy asking me "what is Salvation?"
3) Internet blackout for 2 days for the whole village (stolen cables apparently)

At Stebbing, in our informal New Wine style service, ther were a number of prophetic words and pictures which confirmed the direction we had begun to take at the away day - this is the kind of thing that makes your spine tingle in a good way.

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