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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I've opened up the door ...

Dear Readers
Perhaps you would be kind enough to have a look at this blog post by Cranmer's Curate aka Rev Julian Mann, and help me out with a few thoughts of your own on the subject. Cranmer's curate has been laying into Fulcrum in recent days which has then precipitated an attempt on his part to reopen old wounds at a time when evangelicals are trying to foster a sense of unity.

Post comments here or there, whichever you like.


  1. as an evangelical female ordinand my response to those 4 points is probably somewhat predictably the same as yours was (including the caveat that PSA is not the total and only understanding on the subject)
    I don't like labels much, (probably cos I tend not to fit them) but they can be useful shorthand. I'd never heard the term open evangelical till I was in the selection process and someone used it to describe me! Trying to make boxes so people can tick off if other people are In or Out doesn't sit well with me.

  2. thanks Fibrefairy
    you'll fit in well in the Friends' Meeting House!


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