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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Orange slices and that Fall LP

Well, it was like finding a lost treasure in the attic.

Something you'd always known was there but had let the dust settle on it for so long that it kind of just blends into the background and becomes indistinguishable from all the other memories.

What am I on about? Its my affection for "The Wedding Present", a late 80's early 90's "indie" band who made a lot of noise coming out of my car stereo at ear bleeding volume in those days.

I lived in York when they first came to the attention of John Peel (pbuh) and they were a staple on the student union circuit - I think I saw them at Leeds Poly, Leeds University and Hull University. If you meet me and I can't quite hear what you are saying it is probably because of those gigs!

The best way of sharing this with you is to show you this

Nevermind the visuals, turn it up and feel the volume of "Take Me". It does have some lyrics at the beginning, which are typical angst ridden boy girl bitter sweet stuff, but I just loved and have rediscovered a love of that wall of noise (even if it does turn into Status Quo for a few bars). I just got 2 of their CD's , George Best and Bizarro off eBay (being permanently behind everyone else I am buying up CD's while the world goes digital!) and have been subjecting the children to them ever since!

Makes me want to compile a list of my favourite songs that are more than 9 minutes long, so that'll be along in a while. Better say they'll be from after 1980 otherwise I'll look even sadder than I already do!


  1. Tim, are you still following The Wedding Present? They played in Colchester and Southend in March.


  2. I read about the gigs on the website but after the event - d'oh


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